Procurement Process


Prices are subject to change as the market price for equipment fluctuates.

MineHorizon takes your cryptocurrency payment and holds your money in the USD value as of the timestamp of your payment throughout the procurement process of your miner(s). MineHorizon maintains the funds  from your payment as USD value as it negotiates with miner and equipment manufactures to avoid the frequent crypto market fluctuations. This ensures that your purchasing power at least maintains its USD currency value.

Once you pay the deposit for ANY product listed, there are no refunds. MineHorizon will begin the procurement process for your miner and or equipment OR facilitate your order with what we already have in stock.

The only time purchase deposit money is ever returned is in the event that during our procurement process, MineHorizon is not able to secure the equipment you requested for 8 weeks from the date you made the purchase. In that case, and in that case only, the USD value worth of your payment will be returned to you in full in the original payment cryptocurrency, minus a 7% transaction fee. At that time, you will also be given the choice to leave your deposit in holding with MineHorizon for an additional procurement cycle to see if there are better options available the second time around. 

MineHorizon has a procurement process of 1-8 weeks depending on manufacturer, parts, and other market factors. If you know mining, then you know mining equipment procurement is sometimes tricky due to demand. While MineHorizon does sometimes have stock available for some products AND has the leverage of bulk purchasing power, there are some instances, due to circumstances outside of our control, where procuring the equipment you requested is not possible. These circumstances include but are not limited to overall demand, manufacturer supply, distribution methods, and possible customs or regulatory intervention as many products come from overseas.

MineHorizon is a “brick and mortar” mining company, NOT a cloud mining service. We DO NOT arbitrage or invest your payment into other cryptocurrencies during the procurement process. MineHorizon does not make any interest off your money in the procurement process. MineHorizon is not a holding company, an investment company, NOR do we sell products to consumers as representatives of the manufactures. Our unique and simple model is to simply provide a trusted service that purchases and or builds mining equipment on the customers behalf and operate that mining equipment at the most profitable capacity in exchange for some of the profit as declared in the Service Agreement.