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Bitmain Antminer S9
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Bitmain Antminer S9 Deposit Price Includes:
1 Bitmain Antminer S9 – 14TH/s
1 Bitmain APW3++ power supply
Shipping Costs
MineHorizon Data Center Setup


1) MineHorizon is only be accepting Bitcoin (BTC ) payments at this time. We will still be honoring our Procurement Process Procedure and locking in your BTC payment at the USD value during the procurement process to avoid negative market fluctuations while securing your miner, but all payments will be accepted in BTC only.

2) Fill out the form below indicating your choice and enter all information.

3) Send the full payment’s worth in BTC as shown in the form to either one of these Bitcoin addresses:




ONLY SEND BTC TO THE ADDRESS ON THIS PAGE and be sure the website address in the URL reads and shows as

4) Verify Your Payment:

If you use a wallet service like Coinbase that has a “Notes” section, be sure to include the same email you use in the form on this page in the “Notes” section of your Bitcoin (BTC) transaction before sending so that we can verify your payment quickly.

If you do not want to notate your payment OR you do not have that option in your wallet,  we can still verify your payment a different way. Once you make the BTC payment, simply open your payment transaction in your wallet and it should either show you the Transaction ID or show you a link that says “View Transaction”. Please copy and paste the full BTC payment Transaction ID in an email to from the same email you use in the form on this page. (No screenshots, please copy and paste the actual text of the full transaction ID in the email).


5) You will receive in one or more emails receipts for your form submission and confirmation of your payment(s). We will also be providing you with updates during the procurement process via email.