MineHorizon is a full-service, co-location cryptocurrency mining company. We purchase, configure, host, and maintain mining equipment on your behalf in secure and controlled environments. MineHorizon has the latest ASIC and GPU mining equipment available from the top manufacturers in the space. We make cryptocurrency mining easy by simplifying the process for anyone who wants to get involved in mining but may not have the space, experience, or ideal environment to successfully mine on their own.

Purchasing, Operation, and Miner Services
MineHorizon purchases and/or builds cryptocurrency mining machines on your behalf & manages them around the clock with top security,  IT services, and the most competitive electricity costs. We auto deposit profits from your equipment directly to the cryptocurrency wallet of your choosing. MineHorizon is not a cloud mining service, instead we alleviate the cumbersome process of purchasing and/or building your own cryptocurrency mining machines, and operate them at a profit on your behalf. Each MineHorizon machine purchase or rental is tied to a real trackable serial number that is used to validate ownership and makes it simpler to verify earnings with 3rd-party mining calculators.


Maximize the hash-rate of your units with proper power, cooling, the latest firmware, optimal bandwidth and hardware upgrades.  MineHorizon focuses on increasing your profitability as well as ours.

MineHorizon provides customers with transparent reporting and other means to track the progress and payouts of their units.

Only approved staff & personnel have access to the hosting facility. MineHorizon also provides professional IT services to maintain cybersecurity.

MineHorizon gives you additional comprehensive cryptocurrency knowledge as part of its partnership with Novablock and the Trifecta Network, a cryptoeconomics research consortium that leverages comprehensive data-driven perspectives from various types of data farms.


Constantly Earn
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Trust Transparency
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MineHorizon Procurement Process